The Darkroom Insidious Escape is the Dark to the ghost and turn of the light to the pick up of axe of the destroy the wood and go to the chapter 2 from the longhair to the fighting and fired of the great coop this of the demons.....pssst to the sleeping of the baby has to the road


  • Pick up the Axe
  • Go Right
  • Cut this Box and then pick up the lamps
  • Turn on the light
  • Forword and go right
  • put the paper on under
  • Read the notes codes 1999
  • zoom out
  • go back
  • pick up the key in the small box to the under the table
  • click spacebar to the panic
  • pick up the screwdriver
  • go up third,go right,go down,go right twice
  • pick up the glass
  • go down
  • grab the grass click the beer and drink
  • space bar to the scaredy
  • click the Big box
  • code 1999
  • click the note Letters *Demons*
  • Go down twice
  • click the yellow wall letters *Demons*
  • Pick up key
  • Go back to second
  • Grab the key to the door

Something a scaredy is the demons



  • Something cone the fearing of the kids not the play this kids this is teenage or adult