this the house 3 over of the house 2 and 1 from Sinthai this is very scary point and click 


1. Science Room

2. Kitchen

3. Corridor

4. Living Room

5. Bath Room

Science RoomEdit

the science room has those to the ghost of the lab in the science to the book and the write is the Eddie Coletti

to the scardy and to the picture has the father and to the Experiments


The kitchen to the plate has fall down then cracker and after the blood to the floor


and to the corridor from the way is the click note the right read is the Eddie Colettie born ,1931 he is the smoking to the hate of the corridor so much from here born to the doors of knock knock and punch and this pictures of corridor 

The Corridor


Living RoomEdit

The Living room from the counch has the blood and this the light turn up to the woman has under the counch and the click it's so prank prank yes to his prank click the pictures


The Bathroom the code is 1931 to the Box beside the toilet bowl and open the sign is "Get down boy has been of give me money"

and then this trap of the darkness and the scardy in toilet bowl and then flash and then cover the toilet bowl

wait the minute is the Scardy of Eddie Coletti and then click the face and picture his this 

Face of Scardy

scary face


  • to the Sinthai from are The House